19 May 2011

SWAMI Says, Flashing Lights, Future Connections, Celeb Status [ZIB]

Friends, lately I have been doing some serious self-editing. For some odd reason, I get the urge to chime in with other folk who release to the world (via keyboard) snide opinions, remarks, views...whatever you want to call it, on social networking sites.  This 'desire' usually occurs when I watch reality shows or read snippy status updates. Well, no more people! Self-editing is officially in full force. As much as it pains me to keep my fingers on pause, I must not fall for it. After all, I am building a brand. A global brand -- synonymous with humor, integrity, and an insurmountable amount of lighthearted energy. That is all. Good-bye!
This just in: This darn blog of mine has been viewed by folks residing in 92 countries around the world! This includes views by people residing in 50 North American states! 
Hello America. Hello World.
I do love making new friends. Yay. Good-bye.
Oh wait! The self-editing advice was giving to me a couple of years ago by one of my fabulous twitter friends AtlantaJJ - this post is dedicated to her, check her out -- she's on Twitter!