16 November 2010

Target Stores and Fire Marshall Bill - Can I Help You Find Something?

Browsing Target the other day I was approached by an employee asking if they can help me find something.  This experience had me thinking ...

what if Fire Marshall Bill worked at Target; better yet, how about Fire Marshall Bill as the store manager.  Fire Marshall Bill was a fictional character played by Jim Carey from the early 1990s American sketch comedy television series "In Living Color."  Fire Marshall Bill was very intense about safety -- he had a unique way of demonstrating potential disasters.

Now, If you're a frequent Target shopper, you may have noticed employees asking if they can help you find something.  Imagine Fire Marshall Bill walking up to you, literally screaming in your ear asking if he can help you find something ... or witnessing him assisting (harassing) other employees about store safety.

Here is an old clip of Fire Marshall Bill.  Enjoy!