20 January 2011

Virtual Machine - The Shopping Mirror

*The Innovative Monster: BlacBlouse*
January 2011

What are your thoughts on virtual shopping, at home...using your very own personalized floor length mirror? 

The Buzz: Virtual mirrors: view your image, in the mirror 'wearing' clothes as if you were actually trying them on.  There are folks in the scientific world predicting this very thing to become a reality in the next two or three years.

The BlacBlouse Spin: This mirror would have the ability to scan your body's dimensions -- enabling the device to search for and suggest apparel best suited for YOUR body type. The mirror would also have the capability of suggesting colors that work well with your skin tone.  The personalization feature would also include saving the websites of your favorite clothing stores, designers, and boutiques -- shoes and accessories included.  The mirror: touchscreen -- giving you the ability to purchase items and have it shipped to your mailing address. So, how about it - would you want your very own virtual shopping mirror?  Is this a good idea or is it just plain creepy?

Globally yours,