15 April 2011

SWAMI Says, Corporate Sponsors, Big Screen, and Flashing Lights - ZIB


Welcome to the first installment of 

SWAMI Says 'Insert Title Here' - ZIB (ZIB = Zip It BlacBlouse).  

This series is created to help me NOT to speak out loud (in Internet land or any other place for that matter) about the ridiculousness I come across in my day to day activities.

Friends, today I spotted something interesting that just didn't settle well in my bones.  Now naturally, those who have been following this dear sweet blog are well aware of it's intent -- always publish lighthearted and inspiring posts.  So, in an effort to maintain the mission of lightheartedness I give you a little number which first aired in a 1946 live action animated Disney movie entitled 'Song of the South' -- 
Listen and Love the song, Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, sung by James Baskett. 

Oh wait...want to know why I posted this delightful jingle? Send me an email (blacblouse@gmail.com) or message me on facebook or send me a direct message on twitter! You can pretty much find me everywhere on the net folks.  As always, Enjoy! : )