14 September 2010

Thought Bubble: Fitness

The phrase "It's never too late to get an education" holds true for fitness -- It's never too late to be fit. The word fitness has been on my mind for years. Pre-me was a fitness junkie. I worked out constantly...my eating habits were on point. Then it happened...I hit the fitness snooze button. I dedicated ten years of my life to further my education without regard to my health. And that my friends is when the pounds started packing on...I didn't eat foods that were complimentary to my body and most importantly, I stopped working out. In essence, I was not taking care of myself.

Fast forward to the present I now have four college degrees...and stiff joints.  Enough is enough. It's never too late my friends to get fit. I owe it to myself to do the right thing for my body, mind, and spirit. Today is the day I am making that commitment: the commitment to be fit. It will definitely be a challenge that I'll embrace with open arms.  It is necessary. It is important. It is long overdue. Long Live a Healthy Life. Long Live Fitness.