10 August 2010

Estée Lauder. Why?

"Simplicity is the purest form of luxury and elegance." - Aerin Lauder (Estée Lauder's granddaughter)

Introducing, Estée Lauder's Private Collection Parfum. Two white flowers are captured in a luxurious, elegantly simple bouquet. The sleek bottle features a cap embedded with natural semi-precious gems including aventurine, yellow and green jade, citrine, lemon and mustard stones. The shapes of the stones on each cap are different, making each cap unique.  (Estée Lauder.com)

Fragrance Type: Classic Rich Floral

Top Notes
: Neroli. Lilac. Rosewood.

Size: 1.0 oz.

Price: $325 (I'm sobbing)

Alternative:  Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia Eau de Parfum Spray 1.0 oz $80 / 2.5 oz $135

Where can you purchase the Eau de Parfum Spray?