28 July 2010

HBO Series True Blood: (Vampire) Style

My friends, I am obsessed with the HBO Series True Blood - the dynamics within each episode could rightly spin off into other series. Alas, my interest in the story line is not the primary focus of this particular post. In true form, let's get down to business...the fashions, highlighting vampire style and dare I say -- sophistication.

Introducing: Queen Sophie-Anne LeClerq played by Evan Rachel Woods. In one episode, the queen lounges by the pool (inside her home) reading a vintage Vogue magazine.  How fabulous is that?

Eric Norman, played by Alexander Johan Hjalmar SkarsgÄrd. This character's wardrobe screams style and sophistication -- form fitting sweater or viking attire - doesn't matter, his demeanor exudes smooth operator.

Last but not least, a round of a applause for the wardrobe style and sophistication of Lorena, played by Mariana Klaveno. The character's personality: polar opposite. One word comes to mind -- ingenious.

The person behind the varied styles in the series - head costume designer Audrey Fisher, 2010 Costume Designers Guild Award nominee for HBO’s True Blood - background: theater, opera houses, and now television & film.

Long Live Beauty. Long Live Magnificence. Long Live Individual Style.


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