21 July 2010

Shout Out Time: Introducing...Ope, The Stylist and The Obsessionista!

This post is necessary -- I am always deeply honored by anyone who takes the time out of their day to support my endeavors...no matter how big or small.

The Story: The first week of starting 'The BlacBlouse Show' two people who I highly regard in Twitter World started following my blog.

Meet: Ope the Stylist, an artist who works as a fashion stylist, creative director of fashion photo shoots, image consultant and personal shopper. Tweet tweet: Ope. Check out her blog .:OPÉStyle:.

Meet: The Obsessionista, she's a girl on the verge, Brooklynite, clothes obsessed blogger, lover of all things stylish and beautiful. Tweet tweet: The Obsessionista. Check out her blog The Obsessionista - Obsessively Compulsed.

I appreciate these ladies -- They're awesome. I heart them. Please check them out.