19 June 2011

Welcome To My World: A Walk In The Park

New Series Alert!

Introducing the first installment of 'Welcome To My World'.  I'm kind of excited about it.  
It's a simple series (pretty much like everything else I post on this blog) -- the main difference in this series is that it will include my personal photos ... with lovely [short and sweet] comments. 
A Walk In The Park

My friends, this is the path I take when I'm walking in the park - see mis amigos enveloping the path?
The trees absorb, love, and accept what I give them on my walks -- carbon dioxide, they in turn give me fresh oxygen. It's a win, win situation.

And, I appreciate them for willingly giving me the gift of fresh air.

See the glorious sun peaking through wanting (and patiently waiting) to give me a gift as well?
The beautiful gift of warmth: at the end of the path is where I most feel this gift from the beloved sun.

The trees open up, allowing the sun to fully share (from a distance of course) it's gift of life to me.
What do I offer the sun?
Perhaps the energy from my smile or the calmness from my being satisfies the sun. Who knows.
All I know is, I appreciate the sun.

I appreciate what the sun and trees offer the world.

We need them. And, I like to think they actually need and appreciate us.

[Long Live Oxygen. Long Live Warmth. Long Live Nature. Long Live Good Friends.]

The End.