26 April 2011

TB 2011: Sing In The Rain

I have been feeling a tad bit under the weather this past week and lately it has been raining a whole heck of a lot. Needless to say, I don't enjoy feeling miserable -- especially when its raining, makes me uncomfortable and extremely tired. So, I created an equation.  I call it the 'not feeling well' equation. 
Here it is: under the weather (ill) + continuous rain (outdoors) = singing and dancing. 
Does this mean I'll sing and dance outside in the rain? Heck no. Is this a real equation? Of course not.

Here's where the thought bubble comes in: 
My immediate thought went to the scene where Gene Kelly is singing and dancing in the rain -- all in the name of love.  It's cute -- and kind of funny watching a grown man dance and sing in the street.
So, love and enjoy this scene where Gene Kelly is feeling oh so good - Singing In The Rain. 

As always, Enjoy!