29 April 2011

FlashBack! You Know You Love It: Hasbro Candy Land Board Game

Remember Candy Land? I do. Did you know Candy Land was created by a recovering Polio patient living in San Diego, California -- Eleanor Abbot created the game to entertain children suffering from Polio.  Ms. Abbot submitted her idea to Hasbro -- Hasbro in turn loved the idea, introducing it to America in 1949 (Hasbro.com).  The first Candy Land board game was sold for one dollar -- advertising during that time was geared towards families assuring them the game fulfilled a child's yearning for candy, as if. Too cute.  The image above is what the board game looked like when I played with it -- ah, good times.

And wait...look what I found, a Candy Land commercial from the 80s.  

As always, Enjoy!