26 October 2010

Thank You For Your Interest: Hello Elie Tahari and Jimmy Choo!

Friends: In the mail was another "Thank you for your interest in (blah) position" -- all I could do was sigh, give a half smile, and think another one bites the dust. I have so many of these letters I can't even begin to count them all. So I got to thinking, why not do some virtual shopping.

I go to my favorite website and hello dolly. Score! I came across two fabulous bags that immediately caught my eye. I imagined having them both just for the sole purpose of housing my wonderful rejection letters. See below.

Beautiful. Vibrant. Fun. This bag is so incredibly fabulous and HUGE -- all of my reject correspondence would be happy to call this bag home. I could stuff them inside and look at the bag with extreme joy -- looking at this marvelous bag makes me very happy.
Interesting. Soothing. Warm. Another fabulous find to house my letters -- I can easily imagine stuffing them inside this glorious HUGE bag, then petting it knowing all is right with the world. Most importantly, this bag screams to be named...like a pet. I can feed it letters and give it lots of love and attention. Herman. Yes, think I'll call this bag Herman. Hi Herman!