22 October 2010

Individual Style Character Spotlight: Mercedes Jones (Glee)

Introducing Mercedes Jones -- fictional character from the FOX musical comedy-drama series Glee played by actress Amber Riley.

Mercedes Jones is an active member of the Glee Club and diva-in-training who doesn't take kindly to singing backup. Despite her no nonsense in your face demeanor, Mercedes is a great friend.  She's full-figured and fierce.  Friends, I'm digging this character's personal style. As you know I am an advocate for showcasing individualism when it comes to fashion.  Mercedes is SHARP -- never sloppy.  Her clothes, hair, and makeup: always on point. love it! [LLIS]

About Actress Amber Riley

Amber Riley, age 24 native of La Mirada, CA -- auditioned for American Idol at 17.  Worked with Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy in 2002 when he cast her in his WB sitcom pilot St. Sass -- show was not picked up. This experience helped Riley land a part in the ensemble cast of Cedric the Entertainer Presents. (Source: AOL Television, Tim Holland.)

Introducing Glee Costume Designer Lou Eyrich

Emmy Nominated -- Lou Eyrich got her start from music touring venues and indie film sets of Minneapolis. Read more about Lou on Your Industry Insider  or Costume Designers Guild website

Photo: Costume Designers Guild

Learn more about Glee on Fox Broadcasting - airs Tuesdays 8 - 901p.

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