12 August 2010

The Affordable Chronicles: High End Fragrances

Purchasing Eau De Parfum travel size versions of high end fragrances are a perfect alternative for perfum lovers on a budget. These smaller versions are typically called Travel Purse Sprays, Roll-Ons, Rollerballs, or Portable Fragrances. They range in size from 0.20 to 0.68 ounces. Price can range from $18 to $70, depending on the brand and quantity. Some manufactures sell their travel size versions in pairs or more -- not a necessary purchase if you're trying to budget. Remember, when it comes to good fragrances a little goes a long way -- which makes these travel size versions perfect! [LLIS]

Fracas Eau de Parfum Roll-On 0.25 oz / $25

Where can you find your favorite fragrance in a travel size version? Try these places:

Parfum: Highest concentration (may contain 22-30 percent oils, high grade alcohol, and a slight amount of water). Most fragrant scent -- the most expensive.

Eau De Parfum: Solution composed of 15-18 percent of essential oils with a slightly weaker alcohol and water content.